World's Children

World's Children

Is a non-corporate style non-profit that was founded by the late Rev. Edwin and Mable Purviance in 1965 with a mission to support orphaned children in developing countries. 

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Ken Casey

For many years I’ve been one the proud sponsors/donors of World’s Children. 

At times in the midst of a conversation I have mention that my name is on a girls bathroom wall. After a long pause I begin explaining why my name got on the bathroom wall.

World’s Children has many projects that needs funding. When I found out that one of the girls orphanage was living with a dilapidated bathroom I quickly sponsored it. After construction, the grateful folks there placed a plaque of thanks on the wall with my name on it. This thoughtful gesture was unknown to me until I received a letter from World’s Children headquarters with photos enclosed depicting a plaque with Ken Casey and another donor … of course … on the girls bathroom wall. 

So that’s why my name is on a girls bathroom wall. 

It’s been a great conversation starter to get more people involved in helping children in great need.

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